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Book Persigue tus sueños
This book contains a compilation of techniques that in one way or another I had noticed that produced a reflection process in a very efficient way in my coaching sessions. These, among others, have been essential tools to help my clients carry out a transformation on a personal and professional level. The proposed exercises are extensively documented techniques, and used in Life Coaching sessions. For those who don’t know yet, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines life coaching as a partnership with clients in a process of reflection and creativity that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Learn more…

Language: Spanish

This book on how to learn is designed with life-long learning in mind, for you to become a super learner. Taking a holistic approach, we will explore the different areas and techniques that will make your study sessions engaging, help you avoid procrastination, and make studying fun and stress-free. The book is targeted at both students and working people seeking extra education, as well as those who work and want to increase their productivity and advance their career. In fact, it is targeted at adults who want to keep learning efficiently for life, in order to achieve personal success. Learn more…

Language: English

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