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Don’t waste a single minute more! Hurry up! 

Are you TIRED of feeling like you’re not achieving your goals?

Do you feel like you’re TOO BUSY to ever get ahead?

If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with goal setting and productivity.

And I know how you feel..

I used to feel the same way. I would set goals for myself, but I would never seem to be able to achieve them. I would get discouraged and give up.

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But then I learned how to effectively set and achieve my goals. And once I learned how to do that, everything changed.

I started to see real progress. With each small accomplishment, my confidence grew, and I felt more motivated to keep going.

I learned how to break down my goals into smaller, more manageable tasks. I learned how to create a plan of action that would help me stay on track. And I learned how to prioritize my time so that I could focus on the things that were most important to me.

It wasn’t always easy. There were times when I wanted to give up. But each time I overcame those obstacles, I felt a sense of accomplishment that kept me going.

Now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you. I want to help you achieve your goals, no matter how busy you are.

In my Goal Setting for Success: Step-by-Step Busy Person’s Guide, I’ll share the strategies and techniques that have helped me and countless others achieve success.

We’ll explore the power of goal-setting, the importance of self-motivation, and the strategies you can use to achieve your goals, no matter how busy your life may be.

So, if you’re ready to take your goals to the next level and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of, I invite you to join me in this exciting new adventure.

Let’s work together to create a plan of action that will help you achieve your goals, one step at a time.

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Goal Setting for Success: Step-by-Step Busy Person's Guide

I want to start the course by introducing the question that gives the title to the section. Why set goals? Isn’t life easier without goals? From the moment a person desires or wants something, the mere idea of wanting is expressing an objective, which, possibly in that abstract state, could take shape and lead the person to make the wish come true. 

In all areas of life you can think of, you will have different desires or things you would like to achieve. So what would you like to achieve?

The daily life of a person can become very complex. Many tasks, a lot of stress, a lot of thoughts to process… Many times it makes us get lost in the details and we do not see a global vision. 

That is why in this section, I would like to stop to reflect for a second. In this course, I would like you to give you the necessary tools to set your own goals. Not anyone else’s! In this regard, the objectives that you propose will make much more sense if they are aligned with a global vision of your person, where you are from and where you are going. Identifying where we are is the first step to knowing how to improve something.

Now that you have the different areas of your life on paper, in this section, we start looking forward. What do you want to achieve? Take 5 minutes to reflect on your goals, things you want to achieve. 

How do they align with the results that came out on the different areas of your your life? How do they relate to your values? How could you equip your goals with a little more than what really motivates you and is important for you? How could you add more of your values there?

We have done a few personal reflection exercises, we know what we want, and how to break it down, so we’ve already done some important work towards how to set goals that stand out and are of our interest. In this section I show you techniques widely used in all kinds of scenarios, both personal and professional, that are proven by science.

Very good, assembling the goals has been hard but at the same time entertaining, and it gives a lot of excitement to what is to come, but as the days go by, and we face the difficulty that this represents, it is very easy to get discouraged and abandon them. In this section, I will present a follow-up of strategists on how to make sure we don’t abandon them and get to complete them.

Don’t waste a single minute more! Hurry up! 

About the author…

Marcel is a highly motivated and productivity-focused student who finds joy in learning about complex topics. He firmly believes that complexity can be simplified into manageable, straightforward concepts.

With over 15 years of experience in fast, continuous learning, Marcel holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from UPC in Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Computer Vision. He went on to earn a second Master’s degree and a doctorate in Medical Imaging from UCL. Marcel is also a Life Coach and the founder at Inspiring Personal Growth.

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Today, I am excited to reveal that I am releasing this course. It is called the Goal Setting for Success: Step-by-Step Busy Person’s Guide and it can be yours today!
Goal Setting for Success: Step-by-Step Busy Person's Guide



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Don’t waste a single minute more! Hurry up! 

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