If you are reading this page, you probably work or study full-time and struggle to continue learning other things on your own time. After a full day, you feel defeated, and although you would like to find the motivation to learn new things, you cannot even get started.


If you feel like this, read on, because I am presenting a new ebook called The 6 Tiny Habits that Beat Procrastination In Less than 5 Minutes Per Day Without Willpower that will provide you with these amazing benefits:

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Not Enough Willpower? Create A System!

If you feel like you procrastinate and never have enough time to accomplish it all, I am here to tell you that I, too, was in this situation.


Let me tell you my story…


It all started with this one test at university…

I had to study for it. But I procrastinated until two days before the exam, ingenuously thinking that I could learn everything. The first hour of studying was challenging.


Then, I realized that I needed to know many concepts, and there was no time to slow down! I had to go fast, as I only had two days to study! Three hours later, I was crushed in a café, wondering if it made sense to continue learning… I continued a bit more until my brain could endure and went home. The following day was even more complicated.


There was frustration and a lot of negative self-talk. In the end, I didn’t even go to the exam. I gave up and failed without even trying. I also failed three more subjects, passing only one out of five subjects that semester.


Absolutely crushing.


I thought to my self that if only I had taken the time to simplify the concepts and go one step at a time, not rushing like I did, then that ball of complex facts I needed to know where we were coming from would not have been there in the first place. But I procrastinated… 


After some time of self-reflection, I gathered all my strengths and started reflecteing about what happened. I started learning how to do things better and more straightforwardly and be more productive while enjoying the study time. I attended courses and read all the books and articles that were crossing in front of my eyes.


Without realising, I was getting wonderful successes in the following semesters, and even HONORS in some of the subjects! And I was study in a way that not only was not making me suffer, but was really entertaining and I could spent hours! Yet ironically with the system I developed, I now needed much less time of study to get to even better results!

Then at some point in my life I started working. I had little time for extra learning, but I set myself the goal of  never stop learning. At work, I continued applying the same system, which has been working REALLY well for me, and today, I want to share it with you.

An EASY Solution That Can Change Your Life...

The solution was easier than I imagined. The key was habits. Tiny habits. Easy things you do consistently every day that shape who you are. No willpower is required!

Nowadays, people are used to ask for something REALLY fast, and REALLY good. Think about a tree. A tree can be something really robust, strong, and unbeatable, yet it starts being a seed. Would you ask a seed to be a tree in 10 minutes? It just does not work like this, right? Through habits, we can make sure we achieve robust success in easy steps!

habits procrastination


In fact, through small routines, as time passes, habits shape you and without you realising, you build success, and most importantly, you are happy in the process, and without suffering. On the other side, you know well how procrastination feels like. You are kind of OK until an event comes up, then worries and suffering start to appear, and the outcome is not usually what one would desire.


In the system that I prepared for you, the habits are so simple that everybody can do them and achieve results. For this reason, I assembled this step-by-step system to help you defeat procrastination once and for all.  Next I present you with the full outline of what you will find within the book.


If you are a full-time worker studying  something on the side, you already know that studying while working can be very challenging. After a full day of working,  thinking of learning on the side sometimes seems daunting. The things we want seem impossible to achieve, and we build a feeling of resistance that grows stronger and stronger and makes it impossible to go towards what  we desire.

In this section, I would like to talk about self-talk. We should be cautious of what we tell ourselves. Research states[2] that how we communicate will significantly affect our subconscious mind and directly impact our actions. Positive self-talk can drastically change the outcome of your goals.  Here I go over a few of the most common excuses I have heard and come across that make the procrastination monster come in.

Knowing your why is fundamental to achieving your goals. In this section, I ask you questions so that you can reflect on what things are essential for you, and I want you to make a direct link between your goals and what you consider necessary. What you believe essential has another name; your values. What do you value? Your values are precisely those things that are important to you.

We have already explored our deepest wants and needs and have a framework to decide what is really meaningful to us. Now it is time to take those needs and break them down into actionable steps that we can achieve without stress and with 100% focus. The key is that we have to separate the strategy and the action.

You have felt overwhelmed by having a task but not being able to get started on it. To have it there and to leave it for tomorrow, only to find out tomorrow that you also cannot get created, leaving it for the following day until the actual deadline gets closer and closer and you have yet to start.


When you face this type of pressure, most likely, there is a reason behind it. There is something you need clarification on; therefore, you need to research more to determine where you go, which exhausts you only to think about. Or the task may be too large, and you may be afraid of doing a part of it, for example, presenting something to an audience, and therefore your mind is unconsciously pulling the task away. Whatever the reason is, we are here going to take a step forward no matter what. Therefore, we need to break it down.

In this chapter, I will list the habits that will get you to crush your goals. Then, at the end of the chapter, I will provide you with a checklist of tiny practices that, if you follow through, will allow you to break through any procrastination barrier. But, first, I would like to introduce why habits [12] are essential. You see, motivation is not constant. 


Sometimes, we get motivated and can pull more stuff; sometimes, we feel worse, and things need to be done. Well, this is the beauty of habits. Habits are things that you do periodically without failure.

You will hit blockers and things that will make you struggle along the road. Here, we lay out the different triggers that our students and we have come across to prevent you from hitting them and thus make you take advantage of our experience. Take this section as a go-to section if you come across any blockers. Think about it as a guide to what to do if this happens.

This section contains useful templates and extra resources to supercharge your goal setting ability!

About the author

Marcel is an enthusiastic, fast learner. He likes to learn everything that makes him happy, even if that involves complicated matters. He firmly believes that complex things can be simplified into simple issues. After +15 years of experience in continuous fast learning, he holds a bachelor’s in telecommunications engineering from UPC, Barcelona, and a masters in computer vision. A masters, and a Ph.D. in Medical Imaging at UCL. He is also a life coach, and founder of Inspiring Personal Growth where he heps his clients to achieve their true potential.

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